Easter Sun Run 2010

6 Apr

Hello! Happy Monday (oxymoron?)

Sorry for not getting back this weekend but I was so busy enjoying life!

The Easter Sun Run race was a success.

Easter Sun Run 2010 (3) 

My sister and I had a lot of fun soaking up all the race atmosphere and excitement. I’m glad I got to introduce her to the greatness that races are. 🙂

First off, I fueled with a normal breakfast since I wouldn’t be running for a few hours:


Cha-cha-cha-chia oats containing: 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/4 cup egg whites, 1/2 banana, 1 tbsp peanut butter.

It was actually a beautiful, sunny morning. However, it was pretty windy so I ended up wearing a different outfit than planned.

Easter Sun Run 2010 (9)

It was an hour drive so we woke up extra early and were taken there by our driver:

Easter Sun Run 2010 (2)

Mama Sweet Cheeks. 😀

Since my sister failed to actually “train” for this run, we decided to forego the 10k that I REALLY wanted to do, and instead participate in the 2 mile run. Ohh, the things I do for her. 😉

Off we went!

Easter Sun Run 2010 (11)

Easter Sun Run 2010

The run was definitely a challenge for my sister, and our pace was slow and included several walking breaks. My body was ITCHING to run my heart out and pass people. But I never once thought of leaving her. It was a good lesson in learning that winning is definitely not the most important thing. The fact that Jessica was out there, trying her best at something completely new to her made me very proud. That was good enough for me. Now the question is…will she catching the race fever like I did? We shall see…

Afterwards, we definitely hit up some post-race shopping. Definitely well deserved, of course.

Then came Easter Sunday. We went to church in the morning and then we out for lunch at Lone Star with my grandparents.

Before leaving we took some pics!

Easter 2010 (3)

Easter 2010 (6)

Church service was great, and I was ready to EAT once it was over. To lunchie we went:

Easter 2010 (8)

Jessica’s boyfriend, Steven, joined us as well. Our cousin Jacque, works at the restaurant and waited on us.

I had the the shrimp and salmon combo with a sweet potato and steamed broccoli. Unfortunately, I suppose I was not specific enough on how I wanted my food, because I ended up being pretty disappointed. The seafood was oily, the broccoli was swimming in butter, and the sweet potato tasted like it had a whole bottle of maple syrup poured on it. :/ Thinking more about it, it just makes me mad because at many food places, that is the norm. Unless you are incredibly specific, you are going to get a plate of oil. Why do people think you need to cover food up with ridiculous amounts of sugar, butter, oil, etc in order to make it taste good?!? Agreed? This is why I prefer to make my own food…I know exactly what goes in it and how it is made.

So anyways I didn’t end up eating very much of it, which I hated because I don’t like to waste food, but I just couldn’t do it. I was getting gaggy. When we got home, I made me some REAL food lovin’.



Sunshine burger with laughing cow, spinach, and sprouts on a sandwich thin.


love. with carrots on the side.

But that still didn’t put a big enough dent in my appetite. For some reason, it has been fierce lately. So I made me a bowl of deliciousness:



Pumpkin yogurt with Kashi heart to heart warm cinnamon cereal and a sliced banana. The base was made with 1/2 cup greek yogurt and 1/2 cup pumpkin. I also added lots of cinnamon. Delish.

And I’m currently sitting on couch and watching Gossip Girl. Time to be lazy!


How do you handle eating out while trying to keep things healthy?



17 Responses to “Easter Sun Run 2010”

  1. Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine April 6, 2010 at 1:17 am #

    Looks like a great race!! I have those running shorts 🙂

    I hate when restaurant food isn’t what I expected! As much as I hate to have the princess order, I always ask for the dressing on the side and whatever other modifications will make it healthier. At least you had some good company!! Hope you have a great Tuesday 🙂

  2. kbwood April 6, 2010 at 1:53 am #

    ahh sorry bout the restaurant 😦 such a bummer. WHAT A FUN RACE! im so proud of you! you had an amazing attitude!!

  3. april April 6, 2010 at 2:12 am #

    All you girls are gorgeous! Congrats on the race! You did awesome!

  4. Alexa Meany April 6, 2010 at 2:38 am #

    wat a fun easter!!

    i usually have to do LOTS of rearranging of the menu..as goofy as i feel sometimes i’m just glad that i’m out eating with friends and family and satisfying my own needs! do wat ya gotta do! 🙂 hope you have a fab monday!!

  5. janetha April 6, 2010 at 5:28 am #

    youre gorgy! great job on the run 🙂 if i am trying to eat healthy when eating out, i get a big salad with a grilled chicken breast and use either salsa or straight up vinegar for the dressing.

  6. Tara Savage April 6, 2010 at 10:41 am #

    Fun Easter!!!! Great job on the run, so true winning is definitely not everything. Im sure your sister appreciated you staying by her side as well! Your family pix are so beautiful!
    I try to order the freshest thing on the menue when we eat out, but hey sometimes eating out isnt about being healthy, its all about the balance! ❤ ❤

  7. Gabriela (froyolover) April 6, 2010 at 2:18 pm #

    Lovely pics, girl!
    Loved the SIZE of that burguer-y sandwich you made – looked divine!
    Have a wonderful week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  8. lisaou11 April 6, 2010 at 4:23 pm #

    I laughed out loud at cha cha cha chia. Doesnt take much too amuse me today!

    as far as eating out…I just try to remember moderation and portion sizes.

  9. Jennifer April 6, 2010 at 8:05 pm #

    Congratulations to you and your sister on the race! That’s awesome that you encouraged her to compete and stayed with her the entire way. Ah sisterly love. 🙂 Glad you had a great Easter and sorry about the oily food. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Last night I ordered grilled shrimp with a sweet potato and steamed broccoli. The broccoli came with a cup of butter oil and thank goodness they put it on the side because I did not use it at all. Have a great day!

  10. Crystal April 6, 2010 at 10:53 pm #

    That’s so nice of you to support your sister like that! Hopefully she was inspired and encouraged enough to be able to try it again some time. 🙂

    When I eat out, I find the biggest obstacle to be the portions! I almost always take some home because I can’t finish it. Either that, or I stay on the safe side and order soup.

  11. Jess April 7, 2010 at 12:23 am #

    CONGRATS!! Way to be sweet for your sister and run with her 🙂 Aww!!

    Sorry about the icky restaurant!
    ❤ jess

  12. highonhealthy April 7, 2010 at 7:57 pm #

    Congrats on the race! I don’t know if I would have been able to just walk it.. so hard. Then again, if it’s someone I cared about, I wouldn’t want to just leave them in the dust.

    When I eat out I just hope for the best. However, since I eat vegan and most of the places I go to have no options for that, I’m usually stuck with a salad. :/ At least I know that it’s not going to be drowned in oil or whatnot.

    PS. You girls are gorgeous!

  13. annie April 9, 2010 at 2:07 am #

    aw, you are such a sweet sister!!
    sorry, i have no tips for eating healthy…esp while eating out. some day i’ll be better….i hope 😉 sorry your meal wasn’t great.
    at least you could eat when you got home! i love those sandwich thins! my new fave is everything bagel thins! so yummy!!
    cute pictures of you, your mom and sis!! such an adorable family! i’m glad you had a wonderful easter sweet girly!!
    enjoy the rest of your week and have a great weekend!

  14. Shelley (findinghappinessandhealth) April 10, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    i know that it is super annoying that the food is drenched in oil, but you eat so healthy so it is totally ok that you had a not perfectly “clean” meal- you know? Next time you know to be more specific but it is ok. On the other hand, it is a problem for America’s obesity issue & there is absolutely NO reason why restaurants should do that to the food- in my opinion it causes hte food to lose its natural flavor!!
    on another note, gladdd the run went well & i LOVE sunshine burgers!!


  15. Sweet Cheeks April 11, 2010 at 2:45 am #

    thanks for the compliments, friends!

  16. Ashley April 16, 2010 at 7:56 pm #

    I totally feel you on the restaurant food. There is no reason for the cooks to drench good food in oil, butter, or cheese! It takes away from the food. Not to mention it makes me feel icky!


  1. “tested” out « Sweet Cheeks - April 11, 2010

    […] wanted to clarify one thing from my last post. The whole restaurant thing…I did not eat very much of my meal because I didn’t like it, not […]

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