Home Workout Challenge Giveaway Winner

4 Feb


Yesterday I started the weekend early, foregoing my Friday classes and traveling back home…the reason? An emergency dentist visit. You see, my front tooth and a fork got into a bit of a tiff...and the fork won. After I finished out a severe dramatic meltdown, I went to work on figuring out the soonest time I could get home to get the problem fixed. A quick in-out appointment and now all is right in Toothland again and I can now promptly enjoy the weekend! Oh but this definitely a lesson learned…I will now be the world’s most careful, attentive, SLOW eater. I try to do this anyways because I hate it when I rush through a meal and don’t fully get to enjoy it. Well now I have much more motivation to slooooow doooown.

Plans this weekend include some apartment decor shopping, 2 papers to write (really?), and spending some time with la familia! Then when I get back on Sunday, it will be meal prep time, my favorite! Oh, and it is Super Bowl weekend, I was recently informed. Obviously, I am big into football. HA. We’ll see if any plans come about for that. I may not understand whats going on in the game, but I could be happy with some half-time show and commercial watching.

Before I go, I wanted to announce the winner of the Home Workout Giveaway Challenge…


Please email me so you can get rocking with the challenge. Good luck!


Will YOU be watching the Super Bowl? If not, what are your weekend plans?



One Response to “Home Workout Challenge Giveaway Winner”

  1. Katie Carso February 4, 2012 at 5:06 pm #

    Have a great weekend! Apartment decorating will be fun! Enjoy the family time too! ❤

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